Recruiting Info and Tips

For all of the potential student athletes, the recruiting process is a journey filled with ups and downs. If you are planning on playing volleyball at the collegiate level, then you have to keep in mind that there are others working towards the same goal. Follow these quick tips to stay ahead of the competition and find the right school for you:

  • Write a list of 15-25 potential schools in a variety of divisions. You never know what kind of school is best suited to your personality and skill set.
  • Once you identify your target schools, begin contacting coaches right away. Express your interest and show recruiters just how dedicated you are to the sport.
  • Set up unofficial visits and tour the campuses of colleges/universities. Meet students, introduce yourself to the coaching staff, and talk to current players.
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities outside of the court and ALWAYS give your best efforts to academics. Schools want recruits who are well rounded.

Recruiting Video Service

Rolling Thunder offers the service of videotaping athlete's skills, editing the video, and posting it to our website. We are concentrating on creating connections between schools and families to further our athlete's futures in both athletics and academics.

What do you get with the video service? The $200 fee gets you all-in-one recruiting video service, an Internet link to send to coaches, professional editing, customizable online profile, and 24/7 instant access to showcase skills.

Interested in more information on the Recruiting Video Service? Or to schedule a taping. Contact Peter (847) 540-0487.